The market of insurance is very competitive and when it comes to choose the best out of many, people get confused and at that moment they seek for complete knowledge about the company and the plans offered by the company. Health insurance plans are very useful for the future and sudden medical needs.

Health insurance is most imperative insurance products, as it comes with huge benefits, hence it has so many variants. Before buying a health insurance plan a detail comparison is required among few good insurance plans offered in India so that people could opt whatever suits to their choice and need. Health insurance policy keeps up the ever-soaring health care costs and health insurance makes sure that you and your family are tension free and free from the worries of medical charges and hospitalization. There is wide array of health insurance plans available in India, many at affordable cost for the common people.


Health Insurance plans arebasically made to meet the medical expenses and hospitalization charges. Few additions were made by the companies like critical illness, cashless service etc. was added to the services under health insurance industry in India. Different types of health insurance policies includes:

  • Hospitalization
  • Pre-Existing Illness Plan
  • Elderly insurance Plan
  • Pro- Active plans
  • Daily Cash Benefit Plan
  • Family Floater Plan
  • Customized Plan


  • Cashless Service
  • No Claim Bonus
  • Health check up
  • Ambulance service
  • Payment sharing
  • Optimum Cover for Health-related issues
  • Daily allowance cash allowance
  • More benefits for young buyers
  • Profitable Deals
  • Less deduction in Income Tax

Benefits of health insurance purchase in the current year is really vast and has many benefits. If you want to save yourself from financial instability, especially when you are mentally and physically not relaxed, we suggest you to buy policy online today itself. In case, you need help and support with the health insurance plans, call our expert team which is always available to help you.

Documents required to buy s health insurance plan

There are few necessary documents required for health insurance:

  • Voter ID Card
  • Pan Card
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Driving License
  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Age proof
  • Identity proof
  • Address Proof
  • Passport
  • Medical report
  • Proposal form duly filled in and signed

Don’t forget few important points while buying health insurance

1. Before you buy an insurance policy browse nicely and then proceed. To choose the best policy among the other offered options you need to pay attention to detail so that finally you can go for a policy which suits your requirements. Best part to manage the policy is to understand all the inclusions and exclusions of buying the particular insurance policy. It is better to understand the exclusions it reduces risk of claim rejections.

2. Right age to buy health insurance - Buying health insurance at an early age allows you to accumulate the benefits by the time you are older when you can avail higher coverage easily. If you can make your mind and go for a health insurance plan at an early age few benefits that you can avail are as follows:

  • At an early age when you are young, you usually don’t have any serious medical issues or expenses. In that case there are chances of you getting affordable premiums
  • Higher number of options can be obtained at an early age, you have full choice and right to compare different health plans offered by various insurers, which definitely gives you correct decision.
  • Medical test requirements are less or almost nil being young many insurance companies will skip the medical check-ups and test but if you are old it is made mandatory for a person to undergo all the medical check-ups.


One of the benefits of the health insurance plan is a free medical check-up facility. The penetration of health insurance in India is nearly 3.4% and as per the reports, 10% of the insured people avail of free medical check-up benefits from the insurance companies. In India most of the insurance companies offer free medical check-ups especially plans are provided considering the COVID-19 situation. All the policy holders are very well aware of the free medical check-ups. Everyone has understood the importance of benefits and requirements of health insurance during this pandemic. Hence, medical check-ups are really important as it helps to find out any illness in the early stage and get proper medication for the same. Due to this COVID-19 situation people are ready to avail the free medical check-ups the type of insurance decides what is the time of these check-ups in a year as mentioned in the policy.

Early detection means early cure and quick recovery so it is the best time to buy a health insurance policy.


  • Health insurance premium is the amount that you pay to the insurance provider to get health insurance coverage. One can find out health insurance quotes and compare the cost of the premium. The cost of the premium is determined by health insurance companies after analyzing few details required. Most of the companies provide set parameters to decide the health insurance premium.
  • The can calculate the premium online using an online health insurance calculator.
  • Companies take care of the factors while calculating premium of the health insurance plans- pre-existing illness, types of policies, age & gender, most important family medical history, lifestyle.
  • The health insurance premium is a fixed cost that a person need to pay to avail the benefits of a medical claim policy.


The outbreak of the COVID-19 has spread all over the globe. Insurance companies have provided new insurance policies that covers the medical expenses incurred on the treatment of COVID-19. Health insurance for coronavirus cover will be available from the day the insured gets diagnosed with the disease. It is a new disease and does not comes under the pre-existing illness. There are few new plans provided by the companies recently- Corona Kavach Policy, Corona Rakshak Policy. The process to avail the claim for the health insurance for coronavirus includes few simple ways.

A person should be aware about all the facts before buying a corona virus insurance cover.

Companies are now providing all easy ways to people to buy a health care policy. Corona virus has lead and increased awareness of health insurance in India.