The coronavirus disease brought pandemic, which started in the city of Wuhan, China, has quickly spread to various countries, with many cases having been reported worldwide. India with a population of more than 1.34 billion- the second largest population in the world-have been facing lots of difficulty in controlling the transmission of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus among its population. As the virus is transmitted through direct contact with respiratory droplets of an infected person and also by touching or coming in contact with touching surfaces which are contaminated with the virus. Symptoms can include fever, cough, and shortness of breath. The major symptom of COVID-19 are almost similar to the flu or the common cold, disease can be fatal.The government is taking various steps and using multiple strategies which helped in managing the current outbreak.

The strategies are really necessary to handle the current outbreak like- computational modeling, statistical tools, and quantitative analyses to control the spread and deal with the pandemic. It is very important to remember that one should adopt few habits like frequent hand washing, respiratory hygiene, cover your mouth with elbow or tissue when coughing, avoid interaction with the person who has fever or any mentioned symptoms, seek for medical help in case you feel any breathing issue.


As per IMF, the global economy is about to shrink by over 3 per cent in 2020. As the constant increase of people having coronavirus, several countries announced the lockdown to deal with the corona virus. In India the International labor organization has projected helping 400 million people, risk falling into poverty.

As per the official government guidelines, India is making preparations against the COVID-19 outbreak and people who are not understanding the importance will be facing its implications.

India has taken all the decision and measures in the direction of dealing with the coronavirus foe instance providing health check post between the national borders.

The Ministry OF Health and Family Welfare of India has been working continuously to raise awareness about the coronavirus among the people and also taking necessary precautions in this direction. One of the biggest step taken by the government of India was 55 days complete lockdown throughout the country. A study has shown in India the medical condition is not appropriate nearly 1 million people die every year due to inadequate medical facilities.

As per the Economist the impact of coronavirus on the economy will be really high and negative. Even The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has announced for this financial year it has also warned of inflation uncertainties as India is going through the pandemic. The ongoing corona virus pandemic has brought the realities of medical ethics which shows us that the government to protect people suffering.

In India, all the facilities related to health care services are provided by both the public and private sectors. Overall as per the facts private sector is much more than the public sector.

Impact on the Jobs of workers

More than 120 million jobs have been lost since April 2020 due to this lockdown, More than 4.4 million stranded people, many among them migrant workers, have got the arrangements from the governments end to travel through special trains and reach home as India's economic growth will be negative this year and it will take some time to get back to normal.

The infection caused by this virus is a threat to the life of people .India is adopting new measures to deal with this situation and maintaining belief in the people that things are taken care from governments end and it will provide all the necessary help during this pandemic.

The Economic Impact of COVID-19 in India

  • The impact of coronavirus in the country even in the world is disruptive.
  • Growth of the country is now down to 3.1% according to ministry of Statistics.
  • There is a drop recorded in the economy of the country due to the pandemic going on.
  • India’s GDP estimates were more to negative figures, signaling a deep recession.
  • SBI estimates a contraction of over 40% in the GDP in Q1 FY21.
  • According to the state and sector contraction will not remain same it will surely differ from various parameters.
  • As compared to previous statistics unemployment rose from 6.7% to 26% than even more levels down by June-July.
  • An estimate was done that around 14 Crore (140 Million) people lost jobs and salaries were also not received by many.
  • During the lockdown Indian economy was expected to lose 32,000 crore every day during the 21 day complete lockdown in the country which was a wise decision of government considering the seriousness of coronavirus.
  • During the complete lockdown, less than a quarter of India’s 2.8 trillion economic movement was functional.
  • Supply chain was under stress, people were confused on dealing with the situation and figuring out what is necessary and what is not.
  • Most risk was faced by the people in informal sectors and daily wage group
  • Farmers in the country also faced lots of trouble due to the spread of coronavirus and lockdown declared in the country by the government.
  • Companies like Larsen & Turbo, Ultra Tech Cement, Tata Motors etc. have reduced operations since the pandemic is on
  • Stock markets even noticed worst loses in history.
  • The Government of India announced a variety of measure to deal with the tough situation of corona outbreak.
  • The World Bank and Asian Development Bank approved support to India to deal with the COVID-19
  • In the second week of May, companies started preparing for restarting operations.
  • Even some of the companies were opened with permitted strength of 33% and full precautions were also taken care for the safety of the employees.
  • On 29 July 2020, the Cabinet of India passed the National Educational Policy 2020 aimed at strengthening the economy.
  • People sourced to various jobs were signed to threat due to pandemic, the startup companies declared hold of salaries.

COVID-19 brought threat of life and unprecedented situations including public health and socio-economic crisis. The government has declared highest attainable standard of physical and mental health of all the people including refugees and migrants.

The best way to prevent the transmission of infection is to avoid contact and main social distancing with the people to avoid transmission of virus from case you cannot avoid physical contact with people, it is mandatory to cover your face with a cloth or a mask.

Stay calm and follow the guidelines given by government of the nation.

As COVID-19 is a havoc for the people it is showing good impact on our environment, since the lockdown was declared and people remained at home, environment has started healing which is a way where we can look at the positive signs of this pandemic including increased family time, focus on personal hygiene, focusing on new ideas and emerging innovations. Positive approach will lead us to deal with this tough situation.