HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company is a collaboration between HDFC Ltd. and Munich ERGO International AG. It is present in 106+ Indian cities with 120+ branch offices and more than 3,000 employees. In the health insurance sector, HDFC Ergo Health Insurance Hospital List consists of2700+ network hospitals, all facilitated with cashless treatment.

HDFC Ergo health insurance offers an extensive range of policies for Individuals, Families, Parents and Senior Citizens. Additionally, it provides customised plans in the case of Personal Accidents & Critical Illnesses.

Types of HDFC Ergo Health Insurance

HDFC Ergo Health Insurance features a variety of health insurance plans. The below-cited are the top 5 insurance plans offered by HDFC Ergo Health Insurance

  1. HDFC Ergo Health Suraksha Silver Plan
  2. HDFC Ergo Critical Illness Insurance Plan
  3. HDFC Ergo My Health Medisure Super Top-up Plan
  4. HDFC Ergo My Health Women Suraksha Plan
  5. HDFC Ergo My Health Women Suraksha Plan

HDFC Ergo Health Suraksha Silver Plan

HDFC Ergo Health Suraksha Silver Plan is available for both individuals and on floater basis. The coverage includes expenses, such as pre-hospitalisation, inpatient hospitalisation, post-hospitalisation, day-care procedures, domiciliary treatment, organ donation, ambulance costs, etc. Furthermore, HDFC Ergo Health Suraksha Silver Plan is available with a tenure of 1 & 2 years, with a lifetime renewal facility. It also offers a reward of a cumulative bonus if you do not opt for any claim during the policy tenure.

HDFC Ergo Critical Illness Insurance Plan

It is a critical illness health insurance plan that covers up to 15 critical illnesses, including stroke, paralysis, cancer, heart attack, and kidney failure. It does not require any medical check-ups up to 45 years of age and has a lifetime renewal facility.

HDFC Ergo My Health Medisure Super Top-up Plan

This plan ensures enough backup if your current health plan is not meeting your requirements by providing you with exceptional medical treatment. The HDFC Ergo Medisure Super Top-up Plan gives you coverage for inpatient, pre & post-hospitalisation and day-care procedures.HDFC Ergo Health Insurance hospital list includes over 2700 hospitals where you can avail cashless treatment facility under this policy plan.

HDFC Ergo My Health Women Suraksha Plan

This plan has three options:

  1. Women Cancer Plus Plan
  2. Women CI Essential Plan
  3. Women CI Comprehensive Plan.

The HDFC Ergo My Health Women Suraksha Plan provides coverage for surgical procedures, cardiac ailments & procedures, preventive health-check-ups, significant illnesses, cancer. The plan includes medical cover for pregnancy, and new-born complications are covered up to 25% of the sum and a maximum of INR 5 lakhs. A unique feature of this plan is the benefits in the case of job loss, i.e., it pays you half of your monthly salary, up to six months.

HDFC Ergo My Health Medisure Classic Insurance Plan

This plan provides coverage for inpatient, pre & post- hospitalisation. It also covers ayurvedic treatment, maternity coverage, new-born baby cover, day-care procedures. There is no specific entry age for this plan and provides complete medical cover for your children up to 23 years of their age.

What is the process of buying HDFC Ergo Health Insurance?

  1. Click on "Health" on
  2. Fill in the details, including your mobile number, and you will get an OTP.
  3. Enter the OTP and click on 'View Quotes' to proceed.
  4. Select the family members(and their age) you wish to add.
  5. Provide your email address &city and click on the 'Submit'.
  6. Choose the one that best suits your preferences.
  7. Choose the policy duration, enter the required details, and make the payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of healthcare has steeply increased with the rise in technology, treatments and the availability of more effective medicines. All of this ends up being a burden for the people, making healthcare services unaffordable for several. This is where HDFC ERGO health insurance comes into play. They take care of the treatment & hospitalisation charges, thereby ensuring no financial worries for people.

A health insurance policy covers costs incurred due to hospital treatments, such as inpatient treatments, pre and post hospitalisation charges, day-care procedures, domiciliary treatments, etc.

You can buy an HDFC ERGO health Insurance policy online at its official website, i.e.,

For adding a new member to your existing policy, you need to fill an endorsement form and a health declaration and pay the required additional premium.

Indeed, you can change the hospital during the treatment. However, you need to provide the required information for a seamless claim settlement process of your health policy.

In the case where the insured person passes away, the other adult person in the policy may continue, and the sum insured will remain intact.

It can be done on the official website of HDFC ERGO. Click on 'HELP' on the website and initiate the request.

Most insurance health insurance plans offer a free-look period during which you may cancel your insurance. However, if you are willing to cancel the health insurance policy in the middle of its term, you should come up with a suitable reason.

Most pre & post-hospitalisation expenses, such as ultrasound, MRI, X-rays, CT scan, medicines, physicians, and other diagnostic requirements are included under the health insurance policy(up to 60 days).

The reimbursement of overseas treatment is possible in certain conditions, such as outpatient treatment and pre-diagnosed planned hospitalisation. However, there is a second opinion for sudden illness while travelling.